The way I work:

I bring most of the tools I need with me but frequently require access to one or more of the following:
A drill press, welder, torch, lathe and milling machine. Most shops have or have access to the things I need but are impossible to carry. In the case of larger machines, I will need a crane, forklift, or other means of lifting heavy components. I do carry a chain hoist. If the other options aren't available, I'll need a place to hang it above the hammer and a cart.

I tend to work odd hours. I rarely require help, and have found myself to work the most efficiently alone. Occasionally during disassembly and assembly it's better to have a helper available, especially when the machines are very large or a forklift is being used. Aside from that, the distractions of shop activity and certain aspects of it in particular reduce the efficiency of my work. Because of this, I often don't begin my day until lunch time at most businesses, then work into the night. In general, I'm provided a key to the shop so I can come and go on a schedule that best suits the timely completion of your repairs.

It is almost impossible to schedule or estimate my time due to the nature of the job. I don't quote work because I never know what I'm going to see inside the machine or what kind of facilities I'm going to have at my disposal.
My normal fee is $150 per hour ($400 minimum) plus room and board and travel expenses. I use a smartphone app to record my time on duty and can provide the client with updated labor costs as frequently as on a daily basis.
When I work on a number of machines in the same area, travel to and from the region is typically divided evenly among all the shops, with the individuals being responsible for expenses to their exact location from my last, so I plan my routes accordingly to keep
that to a minimum.
My housing requirements are pretty minimal, just as long as I have a warm place to sleep and a little food in my belly. I've quite happily stayed in guest rooms, motels, offices, RVs, and campers next to shops.

If you would like to be considered for a service call, please EMAIL the following information.
Make and model of machine
Service requested i.e what it's doing wrong, general upkeep, checkup, etc...